Fern Propagation Handbook


A 42-page booklet written by Hardy Fern Foundation members.

Table of Contents

The Sex Life (or Life Cycle) of Ferns — Joan Eiger Gottlieb
Apogamy and Apospory for Amateurs — Joan Eiger Gottlieb
Reproduction of Xerophytic Ferns — Martin Grantham
Getting Started – Gathering and Cleaning Spore — Sue Olsen
Waiting for Sporophytes — Alastari C. Wardlaw
A Method for Growing Ferns from Spores — Robert Louis Muller
Yet Another Method of Growing Ferns from Spores — James R. Horrocks
Fern Propagation — Sue Mandeville
Growing Fern Sporelings on Pumice Rock — Jim Baggett
A Systematic Method for Spore Germination — Samuel Tumey
Vegetative Reproduction in Ferns — Martin Rickard
Fern Propagation Using Tissue Culture — Serge Zimberoff
Fernet discussion of propagation.