About the Hardy Fern Foundation

In the Seattle area, a few individuals were captivated by ferns. In 1989 they came together as a group. They formed the Hardy Fern Foundation, to share their enthusiasm for this fabulous plant, to educate and to bring new ferns into cultivation. The organization grew. It developed relationships with fern enthusiasts around the world. Tapping into a long history of fascination with these ancient plants and cultivating an excitement not seen since the Victorian fern craze.

Today you can come to the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden in Federal Way to see our collection of hardy ferns, growing in happy companionship with towering Douglas firs and Red Cedars, a host of rare and exotic plants, and, of course, a world class collection of species rhododendrons. Also, come to see the amazing stumpery garden. This spectacular garden is the largest of its kind and largest built in over 100 years. The small group in 1989 has now grown to include national, international, and dedicated local members.  Each of them undertaking the wonderful walk into the unfurling world of ferns.

Won’t you come? Find out how to become a member, visit our Membership page.