Books About Ferns

list courtesy of Sue Olsen


  • A Field Guide to Ferns of Northeastern and Central North America, Boughton Cobb, Elizabeth Farnsworth Cheryl Lowe, 2005
  • A Field Manual of the Ferns & Fern Allies of the United States & Canada. Lellinger, 1985
  • Ferns and Fern Allies of Canada, Cody & Britton, 1989
  • Ferns and Fern Allies of Chihuahua, Irving Knobloch, 1962
  • Flora of North America, Vol. 2. 1993
  • How to Know the Ferns and Fern Allies, John T. Mickel, 1979
  • New Jersey Ferns and Fern Allies, James D. Montgomery & David Fairbrothers, 1992
  • Pacific Northwest Ferns and Their Allies, T.M.C. Taylor, 1970
  • The Ferns and Allied Plants of New England, Tryon & Moran, 1997
  • The Pteridophytes of Mexico, John Mickel, Alan Smith 2004


  • An Illustrated Fern Flora of the West Himalaya, S. P. Khullar, Vol. 1, 1994, Vol. 2, 2000
  • Colored Illustrations of the Japanese Pteridophyta, Tagawa, 1977
  • Flora of Japan, Vol. 1 Pteridophyta and Gymnosprermae, Kunio Iwatsuki, Takasi Yamazaki, David Boufford, Hideaki Ohba, text 1995
  • Ferns and Fern Allies of Japan, Kunio Iwatsuki, Illustrations 1992
  • Ferns and Fern Allies of Taiwan, Ralf Knapp, published in 2011, in English
  • Flora of China 2-3 text in English, 2013
  • Flora of China 2-3 illustrations in English, 2013


  • Ferns and Allied Plants of Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, Betty Duncan and Goda Isaac
  • Ferns of Tasmania, Michael Garrett 1996
  • New Zealand Ferns and Allied Plants, Brownsey & Smith-Dodsworth, 1989


  • A Natural History of Britain’s Ferns, C.N. Page, 1988
  • Farne im Herzen Europas, Georg Eberle, 1970 (especially useful if you read German…which we don’t! BUT the photographs, maps and line drawings are excellent.)
  • Illustrierte Flora von Mittel-europa. Vol. 1. Gustav Hegi, 1984 (especially useful if you read German…which we don’t! BUT the photographs, maps and line drawings are excellent.)
  • Les Fougres et plantes allies de France et d’Europe occidentale, Prelli, 2001 (in French) Scandinavian Ferns, Benjamin gaard, 1993 Magnificent illustrations.
  • The Ferns of Britain and Ireland, C.N. Page, 1982

General Fern Study & Gardening

  • A World of Ferns, Camus, Jermy & Thomas, 1991
  • Encyclopaedia of Ferns, David L. Jones, 1987
  • Encyclopedia of Garden Ferns, Sue Olsen, 2007
  • Fern Grower’s Manual, Barbara Hoshizaki, Robbin Moran, 2001
  • Ferns for American Gardens, John Mickel, 1994
  • Ferns of Southern Africa, Neil Crouch, Ronell Klopper, John Burrows, Sandra Burrows 2011
  • Ferns, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1995 edition
  • Guide to Hardy Ferns, A British Pteridological Society special publication by Richard Rush.
  • Hardy Ferns, Reginald Kaye, 1968
  • Hawai’i’s Ferns and Fern Allies, Daniel Palmer 2003
  • Maidenhair Ferns in Cultivation, Christopher J. Goudey, 1985
  • Native Ferns, Moss and Grasses, William Cullina 2008
  • Polystichum Cultivars J. W. Dyce, Edited and Expanded by Robert Sykes and Martin Rickard 2005
  • The New RHS Dictionary of Gardening, 1999
  • The Plant Lover’s Guide to Ferns, Richie Steffen and Sue Olsen, 2015
  • The Plantfinder’s Guide to Garden Ferns, Martin Rickard, 2000
  • Tree Ferns, Mark Large and John Braggins 2004