20th Anniversary “How To” Special Issue


Everthing you ever wanted to know about growing ferns, from starting a fern garden to growing ferns in all sorts of interesting and unique situations!

Table of contents

How you might get started with ferns – Lyman Black
Collecting and Cleaning Spores – A.R. Matt Busby
How to Propagate Ferns – Sue Olsen
1859 And All That – Alastair C. Wardlaw
How to Build a Limestone Cobble – Joan Eiger Gottlieb
How to Build a Fern Bog – Ralph Archer
Stumped – Pat Riehl
How to Grow Xeric Ferns – David Schwartz
Fern Table, Pro and Con – George Schenk
How to Provide Winter Care for Tree Ferns – HFF and Martin Rickard
Container Gardening with Ferns – Richie Steffen
Growing Lime-Loving Ferns in Tufa in Vermont – Don Avery