Polystichum munitum

Western Sword fern

Fern Facts


Hardiness (USDA zones): 6-9

Size: 3' - 5'

Size (cm): 91cm-152cm

Height and Spread: Large - Over 3' in height or spread in 5 years

Light Requirements: Sun tolerant, Deep shade tolerant

Water Needs: Drought Tolerant

Garden Use: Ground cover

Origin: Canada, Mexico, North America, Pacific Northwest


Native workhorse of the Pacific Northwest.  Well-adapted to the droughty summers, it can be seen thriving in full sun on hot, dry sites, or nestled up next to giant conifers in the deep shade of cool woods.  Robust, leathery fronds with toothed margins.  Easy to grow, and see how periodic shearing before the croziers unfurl can make you a new fan!

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