Cheilanthes lanosa

Hairy lip fern

Fern Facts


Hardiness (USDA zones): 5-8

Size: 6" - 12"

Size (cm): 15cm-30cm

Height and Spread: Small - Under 1' in height or spread in 5 years

Light Requirements: Sun tolerant

Water Needs: Drought Tolerant

Garden Use: Containers, Rock garden ferns, Xeric ferns

Origin: North America


This south eastern native species is a dry land fern that prefers a loose, gritty rock garden setting and partial or full sun. It’s short creeping rhizome produces stipes covered in hairs that help regulate heat and collects moister. On the fronds that are fertile the sori are protected by false indusia formed at the edge of the leaf curling over on the underside. The common name, “hairy lip fern”, comes from the location of the sporangia at the edge or lip of the leaf, “hairy” refers to the presence of hairs.

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