Fern Glossary

Glossary of Terms

Excellent Illustrated Glossary of Fern Terminology - Hardy Fern Library

Acroscopic- Pointed toward the apex of the frond

Antheridia- Male sex organ on the prothallus

Antherozooid- Male gamete

Aposporus- Without spores

Archegonia- Female sex organ on the prothallus

Basioscopic- Side of the pinna nearest the frond tip

Bipinnate Pinnae- Divided into distinctly separate pinnules

Bipinnate-Pinnatifid pinnules- almost divided into pinnules

Chromosome- Components of the cell nucleus carrying the inherited genetic material

Crenate- Margin roundly toothed

Crested- Forked tip

Crozier- Uncurling frond

Depauperate- Lacking parts of the frond

Dimorphic- Carrying fronds of two types

Diploid- Having two sets of chromosomes

Distal- Furthest point

Epiphytic- Growing on other plants, using them as substrate (not parasitic)

Falcate- Sickle-shaped, Usually meaning the pinnae are curved toward the tip of the frond

Genus (genera) - Term for describing a closely related group of species

Haploid- Having one set of chromosomes

Hybrid- Result of a sexualcross between two different taxa

Indusium- Flap of tissue covering the sorus

Lacerate- Margin irregularly cut

Lamina- Leaf or Frond base

Lanceolate- Frond lance-shaped Frond broadest between the middle and the base

Pedate- Frond hand-shaped

Pinna (pinnae) - Primary divisions of frond.

Pinnate- Frond divided into distinctly separate pinnae

Pinnate-pinnatifid pinnae- Almost devided into pinnules

Pinnatifid- Frond almost devided into pinnae

Pinnules- Divisions of pinnae

Pinnulets- Divisions of pinnules

Polydactylus- Many fingered