HFF’s Curator to present on Fern Day at RSBG’s Fall Foliage Festival

Osmundastrum cinnamomea, Osmunda claytoniana, Disanthus cercidifolius

The Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden’s annual Fall Foliage Festival will be from Saturday, October 20th through Saturday, October 27th, 2018.

Saturday, the 27th, is Fern Day at the Festival, and the Hardy Fern Foundation’s Curator, Jo Laskowski, will give a short presentation, “Fern Sex for Dummies:  How to Talk to your Fern about Sex” and lead a tour of the Stumpery.

Fern focused schedule on Fern Day, October 27:

  • Discover and learn more about the fascinating world of ferns growing in the RSBG’s woodland gardens and the Hardy Fern Foundation’s Victorian Stumpery.  Stick around to make your own sun print with ferns – while supplies last!
  • 1pm: Fern Talk by Hardy Fern Foundation Curator Jo Laskowski in Pacific Bonsai Museum Pavilion
  • 2:15pm: Tour of Victorian Stumpery by Jo Laskowski (meet at Pacific Bonsai Museum Pavilion); Fern Sun Prints on RSBG Terrace

During the Festival, gate admission to the RSBG is suspended–it’s a great time to get in to the garden and wonder at the splendor of fall colors.  And maybe pick up a new plant or two (including ferns) in the RSBG Nursery!

You can find more details on the RSBG website: RSBG Fall Foliage