Hardy Fern Foundation’s Fall Plant Sale – almost here!

Fall both excites and relaxes – and brings great plant sales!

Even with cooling daytime temperatures, turning leaves, and the smell of fall in the air, we have still-warm soil and the prospect of helpful rain showers.  All together, a perfect combination for planting and the HFF Fall Fern Sale.

Saturday, September 8, 2018
9am – 3pm
Bellevue Botanical Garden
12001 Main St / Bellevue WA 98005


From 4” pots to 2-gallon pots, there will be plenty of sizes and types of ferns for you to select!  Here’s a sampling:

  •    Adiantum (maidenhair fern)                      
  •    Arachniodes          
  •    Dicksonia                                    
  •    Dryopteris (wood fern)                
  •    Asplenium                                               
  •    Matteuccia
  •    Athyrium (lady fern)
  •    Polypodium
  •    Blechnum                                                
  •    Polystichum (shield fern)
  •    Cyrtomium (holly fern)

 There will be plenty of expertise on-site for you to tap into, plus tee-shirts, coffee mugs, and books available!   Good parking, easy carry-out.