A neophyte tries pyrrosia spore collecting in situ

I noticed that some of my pyrrosia are sporing.  If you are a fan, maybe yours are too.  Possibly because they spent so much time in my garage over the past few weeks, but they seem to be popping today.  (LOTS of snow and cold in the Pacific Northwest in February and March.)  Even one pyrrosia in a pot that never came inside during the cold and snow is very ripe.  I remember them taking me by surprise about this time last year, when they were pretty much done.

Not wanting to sacrifice any of my precious pyrrosia fronds, I decided to try and cover them with paper envelopes to do the collection; it’s fortunate that there’s no rain in the forecast.  We’ll see.  After one day, there is some collection from one; I’m afraid I might be too late for the rest.

So, pyrrosia is moved on my “Sporing Calendar”, I pulled it forward to start looking around March 5th.

Just passing on if you are into collecting.

by Nancy Strahle