Welcome To The Hardy Fern Foundation


Botrychium multifidum
Perry Creek, Washington


Photo courtesy of Richie Steffen

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 The Hardy Fern Foundation was established to introduce and test the world's temperate ferns for hardiness and ornamental value and to build comprehensive collections for public display, information and education.

The primary study garden is at the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden in Federal Way, Washington. The Hardy Fern Foundation is affiliated with research plantings and displays at botanical gardens, arboreta and related public institutions throughout North America.

Members receive the foundation's quarterly, which offers articles of general interest, as well as specifics on cultivation, sites for viewing collections, fern profiles, and evaluations of ferns in the testing program. Special issues include Directory of Fern Gardens, Nurseries,and Reserves in the United States and Canada; Propagation Handbook; and Guide to Hardy Garden Ferns.

The Society has an annual Fern Festival in early June. In recent years, in partnership with the British Pteridological Society, members have joined in fern forays to the west and east coasts of the United States as well as Germany. Members participate in a spore exchange and have first access to ferns as they are introduced in an annual distribution.